Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sweet and salty...

Having the need to periodically defrost the freezer means that there is less chance of things ending up at the bottom and not being discovered until they are so badly freezer burned they are hardly edible. And over the weekend Richard did just that -- defrost the freezer -- and presented me with a nice chunk of deer meat that someone had given us and that I had no idea we had. I took it out of the refrigerator when I went to bed Monday night and left it sit out overnight and it was nearly thawed in the morning when I got up, and into the salt and vinegar it went for a few hours.

And was it just a happy coincidence that the talented Tess recently just happened to post what sounded like an amazing and unusual recipe at Willow Manor for pot roast? A pot roast cooked in foil with some rather unusual ingredients: cocktail olives and raisins and balsamic vinegar.

I couldn't resist.

Not having any cocktail olives on hand, I went to the store yesterday to fetch some and seeing that the jar of cocktail onions was $5.49, I instead bought some "salad olives," which looked exactly the same but were much smaller and not quite so pricey. But other than that I actually did follow the receipt exactly, well, almost..

Even though the weather has changed such that one might consider turning on the oven, I decided to use the crockpot instead so I wouldn't have to pay as much attention to the cooking process. At the end, the pot roast was outstanding.

I have concluded I cannot take decent pictures of food so you will just have to imagine the slices of meat covered with this amazing sweet and salty sauce.

World Famous Pot Roast indeed! If you happen to be in the mood for a pot roast, this is excellent.


Oklahoma Granny said...

I would LOVE it. Unfortunately my husband would not. He does NOT eat olives of any kinds. Silly guy!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sounds interesting:)