Friday, September 23, 2011

Where the wild things are…

Resisting the temptation to start another blog called the Basement Chronicles, or something along those lines, I guess what goes on in our basement does qualify as “odd moments” in our daily comings and goings.

Watching the Pixar film Monsters Inc does tend to give one a different perspective of creatures that resemble a salamander.

Fortunately, this baby that I found in the basement a few days ago, and which Richard agreed to hold for me so I could get a picture of it...

was a bit squirmy but totally benign.

And then there was this fellow who showed up on the towel that we keep draped over our dryer to help protect it from the inevitable dings.

I did not hand it to Richard to hold.

But on to more serious matters. As I have mentioned before, I often listen to the police scanner during the day when I am working. Yesterday a call came in that Mr W was shouting at Mrs W when she drove to senior housing to pick up her mother. They are separated and she has a restraining order. The unit where her mother lives is across the street from the house where Mr W lives. Although he was obviously creating a public disturbance, apparently, the restraining order does not stop him from screaming at her from his front yard and I guess he was not arrested for that.

I listened to the police chattering back and forth for a bit about Mr and Mrs W, and then that call went away and it was mostly license checks, reports of C and I driving, and livestock on the road from the Highway Patrol for the rest of the day.

Mrs W owns a shop on Main Street, and this morning shortly after I came became back from aerobics, a call came in that Mr W had showed up at her shop and had assaulted her, that he had left in his truck and that he had a weapon. So I listened to a police officer in a plain car as he followed Mr W around the town until another officer with “lights” showed up. They got him pulled over, but he decided to run for it, and then there was a foot pursuit with Mr W running down the street…. and eventually they got him. And a tow truck was called to impound the truck and an ambulance to attend to Mrs W’s injuries, and the day moved on.

It was sort of an exciting deal sitting hear listening to all this unfold over the radio. But I am sure it was not very exciting for Mrs W. I cannot imagine what it would be like to live with an abusive person, and I am so very thankful I don’t have to find out. Our son got taste of it – he lived with a woman who hit and punched him on occasion when she got mad. I was so thankful when he was able to get out of that toxic relationship forever.

What happened today pretty much proves the point that victims of abuse have been complaining about all along: restraining orders are very little help in actually protecting the person who is feeling threatened. Having a restraining order against Mr W certainly didn’t help Mrs W today. My heart goes out to her.


Oklahoma Granny said...

I feel very sorry for those in abusive relationships but sometimes I wonder why they put up with it.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Last winter a young gal was killed by her soon to be X husband. Their children were 17 and 20..her parents are still beside themselves..she had a restraining order did nothing to protect her. She was a lovely gal..she just wanted out of a bad situation..I don't know what else we can do to protect women?? or men..both can be victims:(

Donna said...

I had people like Mr. and Mrs. W living right next door. Never a dull moment. They defaulted on the loan on their house, so it sits there empty by day. But the Mister still sneaks back at night to sleep there, in a house with no utilities working.

Have Myelin? said...

Well I have a restraining order against my EX. He never hit me until I filed for legal separation. He followed me home from the attorney's office after a failed settlement hearing. I hide in plain sight. That means my legal address is posted on the internet for all to see by the State of Colorado. Mail is sent there. Then they mail it to where I really am. No one knows where I "really am".

Restraining orders can work if you follow proper protocol and do what it says. He does not know where I am and has not since 2008 and I'm on the internet. =)