Thursday, October 14, 2004

It's always somethin'

Last night while we were eating dinner together (at the table!!!) R says, "Do you hear that?" Well no, I didn't hear whatever it was he was hearing. "What is it that I am supposed to be hearing?" says me "Dripping water," says he. So I listened closely, and sure enough, there it was plink... plink... plink... coming from behind the refrigerator. We had a problem once before with the drain tube thingy getting plugged and pouring water through the refrigerator itself and out the front (where there is now a rotten spot in the hardwood floor), but this time it was plugged and dripping out the back. He pulled the fridge out from the wall and got the tube thingy dismantled and cleaned out and put back together, and I mopped up the water. But then there was still water on the floor. Seems there was a corroded place on the copper tubing leading to the ice maker that was squirting water. So the ice maker is shut off and I have called in the repair guy to get that fixed. I'm not sure if the tubing would be leaking if we hadn't disturbed it by pulling the fridge out and if I hadn't brushed up against it with the mop trying to get the water cleaned up. Oh well. At least we caught the leaking water problem before it rotted through the floor. The fixer-upper guy is very popular. He won't be able to get here for two weeks. Guess it's back to old-fashioned ice cube trays for us. . .

On a drizzly rainy type day that reminds me so much of Oregon I heard from a woman I was good friends with when we lived there some 24 years ago. Things are going well for them. Her daughters are married with children either here or "on the way." Normal. Happy. Well adjusted. I'm happy for them and a little sad and somewhat envious for us that we will likley never have normal. But that's a topic for another time

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