Friday, October 22, 2004

Shake it out now. . .

A hilarious time was had by all on Friday at the old lady's aerobics class (whoops, Active Older Americans, excuse me) at the Y as I took over and led the group through the routine. The instructor has been sick and we were sick of the Muscle Mile One video and the Richard Simmons video wasn't there. For some reason, the instructor had given me a copy of the routine a long time ago and it was on the clipboad that I keep in the back seat of my car. So I fetched it and suddenly there we were, laughing, stumbling around, and jerking our way through the exercises. I am not the most coordinated person to begin with so being in charge was quite a stretch. Our laugh muscles got a good workout. I love that class even if I am getting fatter and fatter.

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