Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Who's protecting who (or whom)

Yesterday when I was jousting with dust rhinos at work -- and flashing back on a creepy Outer Limits (weren't they ALL creepy though?) about a dust bunny (that really isn't) that gets sucked up into a vacuum cleaner and turns into something monstrous -- I heard an ad for local politician on the radio. He's running for the state legislature and is very anxious to kick out the Democratic incumbent. His qualifications? He is a family man, he is a deacon in his church, and he is an NRA member with an "A" standing. Whoa! How is that supposesd to qualify him for state office? Aaah. He will make sure that the legislature doesn't do anything to infringe on the rights of good citizens of this state to protect themselves by owning guns. Ironically, the good citizens of the state voted down a concealed gun law several years back but the Republican-controlled legislature passed one anyway. Nevermind that most burglaries here take place when the homeowner is gone and all the guns in the house for protection are stolen. But it is the "religion-gun ownership" issue that really puzzles me. Someone who is deeply enough committed that they have become a deacon in their church surely has read the passage about "we wrestle not with flesh and blood" and how about "don't fear him who can kill the body. . ." and a few other choice things our Lord had to say about loving enemies, and turning the other cheek, and. . .

I made some "bars" yesterday from some prunes that Sylvia gave me months before she died. They're good but I managed not to "eat the whole thing" and I'll take 'em into work this morning and surprise the daylights out of everybody.

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