Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Going tubular

Everybody who hates trying to get those tubes of biscuits to open raise your hand. I thought so. Usually what happens is that the tube does not pop when the wrapper is peeled, and so I’ll stick knife handle against it and maybe, just maybe, a little tiny pinch of biscuit will ooze out. I prefer to eat as little processed food as possible, and I have an oil-based biscuit recipe that I use when one of us gets a hankerin’ for biscuits so as to avoid the nasty hydrogenated stuff. But R occasionally picks up a tube or two of them when he goes shopping, and a few days ago, he brought home 4 tubes of the local generic variety (GAA!). So last night, I thought biscuits might go well with the shepherd’s pie I had made with some turkey, mashed potatoes, and leftover gravy from a Thanksgiving potluck we were at on Sunday. So I peeled the wrapper per the directions, and of course, the can did not pop open. So I tried whacking it a few times on the counter. That didn’t work, and so I yelled at Richard to come and help me. He began to beat the heck out of it, and in the process, the lid on the end flew off and biscuits were propelled out the end and onto the floor, the counter, the wall. We washed them off and ate them anyway

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