Saturday, November 12, 2005

Too many cooks...

Being that I am a very uncoordinated and clumsy person (everything that I pour gets spilled, etc) I decided that after I got the filling for the custard pie prepared I would have R come and pour it into the pie shell because he, on the other hand, tends to be careful and meticulous (for now, I’ll skip his dropping a gallon of paint earlier in the fall) and very clean. So I opened the oven door, pulled the rack out slightly (naturally it tipped down slightly once it was pulled out), placed the pie shell on the oven rack, and invited him to pour the filling. And pour he did. And because the shelf was tilted slightly, it started to pour out the front onto the door and bottom of the oven. I got a pot holder and held up the rack. “Quick, get a cookie sheet.” So he got one and put it on the shelf under the pie to catch the overflow. After a little more slopping, he got the pie shell filled with as much as it would safely hold, and I took out the cookie sheet. But, instead of getting a pot holder to gently push in the oven rack, he just grabbed a wooden spoon and gave it a mighty shove, which sent wave of custard filling over the edge of the pie crust and created a nice lake of custard at the bottom of the oven, which promptly began to cook (the oven was blazing away at 450 degrees). When the pie was finished, I sprayed the inside of oven with oven cleaner and I guess I will be cleaning the oven today. The pie was good.

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