Wednesday, November 30, 2005

How pink were my towels...

Was the interesting title of an exhibition of art created by a woman I used to be friends with. One focus of her artistic interest was paper-making. She collected the lint – which happened to be from pink towels – from the screen in her dryer and used it to make fine paper in various shades of pink, from which she made a collage of sorts. I was reminded of this today when I peeled off pink lint from the towels in my own dryer. And then I thought about making paper from it, and then my Auntie Vera popped into mind. My father’s three sisters were all artistically creative in their own way; only Vera is still alive. I can remember so vividly one Christmas we spent with them when I was a kid. She had made the most amazing papier-mache ornaments using oranges and pears (and possibly small balloons) as the molds and had painted designs on them and decorated them in other ways. They were lovely. I think it would be fun to make something like that. The creativity gene that no doubt came from my grandmother manifested itself in my father in music, and musical ability is what I inherited as well. I have no skills whatsoever in the sort of craft that she was able to create, so the chance of lovely paper-mache ornaments coming from the lint in my dryer is remote indeed. Vera is a good sport. Once, my sister's pit bull mix came trotting to Vera, sniffed her shoe, and then hiked his leg and whizzed on her. He had never ever done anything like that before. We’ve been laughing about it ever since.

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