Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Book Lady and Me...

This is my friend Judy, who I usually see 3 times a week at the aerobics class.

Earlier in the week, she wondered if I might like to go out for coffee. I certainly did, only instead of coffee...

it morphed into lunch at Bull's Cafe, which has recently moved into what was formerly... uhhh... another cafe that changed names several times and then went out of business.

Mr Bull is an interesting looking fellow, but I did not take his picture. He is bald, but he is a young man and so I am sure he shaves his head. He has tattoos on the back of his head. He has tattoos on his neck. He has many colorful tattoos on his arms. I imagine he also has tattoos on other parts of his body.

I was pleased to find that having tattoos did not interfere at all with his ability to cook. I was going to order a Reuben. I usually always order a Reuben if I am going to order a sandwich in a restaurant; in fact, in anticipation of ordering a Reuben, I brought along a jar of horseradish because I have found that most restaurants do not offer horseradish as an option. The horseradish is in the tote bag, which can be seen hanging on my arm in the reflection in the window of the restaurant.

But then.... but then.... I saw Philly cheese steak on the menu. It has been several years since I have eaten one. I changed my mind about the Reuben.

Mr Bull makes a mean Philly cheese steak.

I call Judy the Book Lady because Richard doesn't remember names very well and it is easier for him to remember who I am talking about. She and her husband owned a bookstore in Indiana, and when they retired, they brought all their books with them when they moved here. They set up a book barn at their house, which has many, many books, some of which they offer for sale on the Internet.

Among other similar interests, Judy and I share a love of books. Judy brings books for me to read, which I give back. I bring books for her to read, which she gives back.

It is good to have this woman for a friend.


Donna said...

We have a neighbor Cliff dubbed "the flea lady" because Cliff one time was talking to her and saw a flea jump out of her hair onto her forehead and back into her hair. Of course we do not call her this to her face.

Leilani Lee said...

LOL!! Hilarious

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey LL! Great to have a friend that loves books! Also great to read donnas LOL comment! The Flea lady!! I am still laughing!
I sometimes do the same thing with my husband..he can't remember names at all:)