Saturday, November 29, 2008

Signs of the Times

Signs are starting to appear here and there around the house as a way to remind Richard of the things he needs to do.

The one in the bathroom says "Shampoo Hair."

This one is on the door out of his office and is a reminder to check that the laminator is off.

And this one appeared two days ago on the metal cabinet over the stove. Despite several timers and a "routine" to make sure all the burners on the stove are off, he is having a bit of trouble remembering to turn them off. Most women know what is like to cook 3 or 4 different things at one time and keep it all together. Now he is finding out how distracting it can be, and for him that is really a problem.

You see, I am positive this is not the big "A." What this is, is too much going on, which plays havoc with his ADD problem.

Yep. My honey has a touch of attention deficit disorder. He is not in any way, shape or form a hyperactive person, but he is easily distracted.

Perhaps this will help.


Anonymous said...

I have two ADD children 22 and almost 18. It is my daughter who is almost 18 I need the signs for!! And I am getting real serious about putting them up. I know exactly what is going on in your house!!! Sometimes...

Lil Sis said...

I thought those signs would have been for Nathaniel. Isn't he the one forgetting to do things? Hmmm...he must take after Richard. We occasionally write notes on the mirror, or stick a post-it somewhere, but not for routine things.