Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I judge a book by its cover...

I'm a sucker for beautiful photographs of fruits and vegetables.

This was one of the most beautiful calendars I had ever seen. Last year, Richard framed each of the 12 pictures...

and presented them to me for my birthday.

I loved this calendar so much that I had reused it year after year, just changing the dates each year in the little squares when the New Year arrived.

Every year the dates moved long one square until eventually, they caught up...

and it was correct again.

So I was perusing the "Recent Arrivals" shelf at the library and spotted this book...

with an appealing title and a beautiful picture of apricots. I couldn't resist. A book with a great title and a great picture on the cover had to be great. Right?

Well. It's a matter of opinion. Some people really liked it. Apparently, a lot of people. But not me.

So what's the matter with me? I dunno... I guess I am marching to my own little drummer because it didn't sit too well on my literary plate (I can't believe I just wrote that)

It's not a bad book; I just don't particularly like her style of writing. So I read about a third of it and took it back.

I am also a sucker for dogs and books about dogs. I got this book one for my birthday.

I loved it. I will probably read it again and then donate it to the library so that someone else can enjoy it. I am looking for a dog, but I don't think I'm going to get a Lab. He really was a very bad dog.


Tami W. said...

I read Marley & Me too....it was lovely. I kept it as well for a future read.

The pictures are really nice! What a thoughtful gift.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Hi - I found your site from Pennsylvania Wild Woman. You must have a wonderful husband. What a unique and thoughtful gift.
After reading "All About You" I've decided that I need to post pictures of my parent's farm in MO. One more idea for "30 in 30"!

Anonymous said...

There is something about a great author. My son and I were discussing this on Sunday. Some authors are ok but then there are some who you just can't put the book down!

Marly and Me is coming out on Christmas day as a movie. It does look one of the better ones.

The apricots look yummy, I have to agree with you on that point!

Poops said...

I love those fruit pictures. What a good job Richard did getting those framed. Way to fire, R.... I've only read the picture book about Marley called, "Bad Dog, Marley!" I'll have to get on down to the library and check out the big people version.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Marley and Me was an ok read for me, I loved Rescueing Sprite..it was a way better book! Check out your local shelter..they often have some wonderful dogs! :)