Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Disaster in the Washing Machine

In a small section of our kitchen we removed the linoleum tile.

Old, very old, linoleum tile that is not attractive and is crookedly laid. This area, which is right in front of the counter and the sink, would be a beautiful oak floor if it were repaired. sanded, and refinished.

We used used to have an attractive mat with rubber backing that we put on the floor below the kitchen sink to help protect it from water that has this habit leaping from the sink and onto the floor.

It was beige and had green foliage and flowers in autumn colors - gold, bronze, burnt orange.

Then it got really dirty. You can see just a bit of it there on the right in this photo, which also explains why it gets so dirty and needs to be washed fairly frequently. I am a disaster in the kitchen.

So Richard decided to wash it with the bath mats, which also needed to be washed.

One of the bath mats, which is fairly new, is burgundy. It had been washed at least once before, and had bled red and turned some things pink, but I didn't think anything about it when he said he was going to do all the floor mats together.

I should have thought about it. So should he.

We no longer have an attractive beige mat on the floor.

He thinks the burgundy color will fade. Maybe. I'm not optimistic.

And by way of explanation, where the propane heater is now sitting, we used to have a wood-burning stove. In the winter, being the frugal people that we are, when the stove was fired up, we hung our clothes on line strung across the living room. And the line is still there!!! All sorts of things get hung up to dry out -- damp clothes, plastic bags, the gloves Richard wears when he does the dishes. Makes for quite an attractive living room...


Tami said...

Oh noooooo! I'm not so sure that the mauve will grow on can pretend that your looking at it through rose colored glasses!

Anonymous said...

Well I must say, I pretty much like the color. I am partial to the pinks and I like it! Good job Richard!!

Have a great Thanksgiving Leilani!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Well it is a new look..and clean! :)