Friday, December 10, 2010

I packed a peck of pickled…

Hats off to the frugal woman of yesteryear who, having found herself up to the armpits with green tomatoes that had no chance of ripening, experimented around and discovered that they could be turned into some pretty darn good pickles.

For the first time ever, our tomato plants this year not only survived the summer, but were loaded with beautiful tomatoes – albeit green -- right up until the first hard frost. I have never had to deal with green tomatoes before, but I found me a gallon jar, and some pickling spice, and the Internet was good enough to find me a recipe that did not require hot water bath processing, and so I put up a gallon of pickles.

And they rested in the refrigerator for the specified time. I opened it earlier in the week, and I am suitably impressed.

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Donna said...

Oh yes, green tomato pickles are yummy.