Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mother gets a little helper

With the ominous words of Jagger and company’s late 1960s song lurking, I pay an early afternoon visit to the rural clinic where “I am not a doctor, just call me Bob” takes care of me, to see if he can offer anything to help me calm down and sleep at night. I feel so guilty that God is not enough to get me through, but I am so wound up emotionally and I looked so awful from lack of sleep in the last pictures we took at the nursing home on Christmas that I decided...  

Steps Needed to be Taken

This man is not like Dr Kutz, the neurosurgeon who removed our son’s brain tumor and who arranged for $90,000 of radiation treatment that our son was never charged for.

Not a doctor Bob is not tall, and he does not, as our son noted so accurately about Dr Kutz, “light up the room” when he comes in.

He is not so handsome, like Dr Cavagnol, the surgeon who removed the axillary mass but could not complete the operation on Dec. 13, that I must look at his shoes in order to hear what he saying.

No indeed. One can look full into Not a Doctor Bob’s homely face, which is round and fat and looks a little like a toads, and be reminded of a comfortable couch or chair that you can nestle down in and relax with. He took my hand when he sat down and held it. He hugged me with both arms, when we stood up to leave. He gave me a 6-week sample of one drug and prescribed two others, as needed, to get me through the day and night. And he did not charge me for the visit.

I am aghast at the idea of taking these drugs – I feel guilty that I even need these drugs (after all, I have God, why do I need pharmaceuticals?), but even so, I definitely need something to help me sleep. Just take it as you need, he reassures me. It will get you over the hump.

Okey dokey, Just Call Me Bob, I’ll trust you…. As long as these keep me calm and together and I don’t start hallucinating and run into Alice...

I’ll be OK.


Far Side of Fifty said...

You need to rest to be functioning, so take the pills to sleep..nothing wrong with that. Not a Doctor Bob sounds like he gave you good be a goos patient and do what he says:)

Oklahoma Granny said...

It just may be that Not a Doctor Bob is actually acting on God's behalf to help you get some relief.

lisa said...

God is helping you, He sent you to a compassionate wonderful, not a doctor, who is going to help your physical body make it thru this emotionally charged time. God will take care of your soul, and will comfort your soul. Dont feel bad that you need this help, God sent it for you. Prayers and hugs from PA

Lanny said...

This is the first time I have been here. Wasn't sure why I came. I agree with what has already been said here. But I feel I need to tell you that I nearly died from clinical depression before I went for help, because I was under the mistaken belief that Christians don't need "that" sort of help. What is going on is a chemical disturbance of the normal functioning brain, things in your body are out of whack. Please take what your doctor prescribed and if it should happen to not work, go back for something different. Please. If you had diabetes you would take medicine to help your out of whack body part.

I want to say that I have enjoyed reading here. But that seems odd doesn't it?