Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Brand New Day

Things went well at church Sunday. At least my contribution to the fellowship meal went well. I made lasagna out of turkey sausage, which I doctored so that it tasted like Italian sausage, and several people commented on how good it was, and they ate nearly all of it. This was a pleasant change from the determined silence that erupted at last month’s meal when everybody began eating the soggy, soggy enchiladas that I took. I made the mistake of assembling the enchiladas the day before, but didn't bake them then. Nobody went back for a second helping, and I had to bring most of it home.

Unfortunately, something that I ate Sunday did not agree with my gut. I did not have a belly ache, which was nice. However, I did have to run to the bathroom a lot yesterday, but since run is not an operative word these days, that caused some problems of its own. Unpleasant problems. And I was a little worried about becoming dehydrated, so I opened a bottle of a Gatorade knock off to keep the electrolytes and fluids up, and I was not impressed. How can people drink that stuff? Whew. But, today is a new day, and so far, so good!

It is so hot. Really hot. And humid. We have survived 27 summers here without air conditioning in the house, although R did have a small window unit for his office, but I think that now that we are getting older, we are definitely going to need central air or several window units. Old folks don't do as well in the heat as younger people do, and hey, R is officially a geezer.

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Poops said...

Glad to hear your lasagna was a hit. Yummy. Now thats a good one to make ahead...