Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Eyes Have it

I don’t have young children of my own, or grandchildren for that matter, so I’m going to borrow somebody else’s children so I can have pictures of cute kids on my blog just like everybody else.

Here are some cute kids. The young women on the left are my sister’s girls; that would be Adrie on the far left and next to her is Little Hunny. I think the two other girls are also sisters. I don’t know their names, but their father and my sister’s girls are first cousins.

Jennifer, did I get that right? These are Tony’s grandchildren, right?

I think that makes them second cousins.

At any rate, the genes tell the story. We have always been fascinated by Adrie’s eyes. No eyes like that have ever appeared in our family. So those eyes came from their father, only he doesn’t have those eyes either. But someone in their father’s ancestors back there in Italy had to be responsible for those amazing, almost almond-shaped eyes. She's smiling so they are sort of squinched up but they are almond shaped.

And surprise, surprise. Here they are again in yet another generation. Take a look at the eyes of the girl on the far right.

Here... I'll help...

The eyes have it...

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Poops said...

You are pretty close with the family connection. Adrie and Little Hunny are first cousins to the little girls' Mama, Nicole. And yes, they are Tony's grandchildren. Victoria is the one on the far right with the same eyes. The little one is Aviana. They are really cute kids and as you can see, my girls like hanging out with them when the family gets together. Fun times.