Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chances are....

...we will not be going to the Johnny Mathis concert that is scheduled for sometime in September in Branson. On or about 35 years ago (give or take a few years), Richard saw Johnny Mathis at the Greek Theater with his sister. No. that's not right. Richard and his sister saw Johnny Mathis at the Greek Theater. My parents were probably also at the Greek seeing Johnny Mathis.

At any rate, Richard has always loved Johnny Mathis. I wanted to honor him for his devoted attention to me during the past couple of months, and also this is a big birthday coming up at the end of August, where he officially enters geezerhood, and so I thought I would get tickets to see Johnny.

The ticket prices start at $162, and that’s for the cheap seats.

$162.00 each.

$324 for both of us.

He mulled this over for about 2 seconds:

R: No.

Me: I love you, you’re worth it.

R: No.

Me: You did an amazing job taking care of me. Once in a lifetime sort of deal here.

R: No. We’re not paying $324 to hear Johnny Mathis. The artist usually sets the ticket price and that is just pure greed. No.

Sorry Johnny. This is as close as we will be getting to hearing you sing.

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