Saturday, August 23, 2008

Posting First and Asking Questions Later.... and... and.... Geezerhood!!

I could have e-mailed Poops and gotten the correct information about the little girls in the Eyes Have It, such as how they are related and what their names are.

But did I?

No. Of course not. That would be too easy.

I got some of it right, but I guess I will correct the mistakes. Poops says: You are pretty close with the family connection. Adrie and Little Hunny are first cousins to the little girls' Mama, Nicole. And yes, they are Tony's grandchildren.

So, here is another picture of the cute little girls. This one was taken at Little Hunny's 18th birthday and high school graduation party -- the one I was supposed to go to in June

In this picture, Victoria, the one with the differently shaped eyes, is in the middle, and the younger sister on the left is Aviana. Now, the little girl on the right is no relation at all, but her family has been connected with our family since, oh maybe the mid-1950s.

Her name is Allison – Allie for short – and her grandpa was Gene Rogers, and he was the pastor of the church our family went to for about 25 years.

He was also one of my dad’s best friends and his fishing buddy. For many years they went on week-long fishing trips to Baja California, and they called themselves the Baja Pals. And here they are with some fish they caught on June 14, 1993.

Gene, he's the one on the right, passed a few years ago, when Allie was about 18 months old.

And now that I am on a roll, there is one more cute kid that I need to include.

This is my brother Andrew with their grandbaby, Micah.

But, moving right along. Today is a

big day

for my very own sweetie. Yes indeed. Today my honey officially becomes a geezer.

Happy birthday!!!

He has gotten very good at making lists to restore order to the chaos (see yesterday's post).

He has gotten very good at being a househusband. He is much better at being a househusband than I am at being a housewife. He does the dishes and puts them away.

He find food for dinner and gets it out of the freezer in plenty of time to thaw (it's on the counter there, on the right).

He makes his lunch. He cleans up after himself.

I have a problem in this area.

The kitchen after I have cooked and not cleaned up after myself.


Anonymous said...

Paula Jean here!! PJ as your dad would call me!!

You write so well that I had to read the whole first page here!!

Loved the picture of my dad here on your post!! It's fun seeing him pop up here and there!! It was fun to see Andy too!!

I was just back in PA for two weeks and I like hearing the cicada's. Here I get traffic also so I loved the noice they made!

I may have to come back and visit!!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Hi Leilani,

You may not know me but I grew up in that church too and my big brother married Paula Jean!

We live in PA now, where Paula was just visiting!

I remember your mom and dad so fondly and Jennifer and Andy - didn't know Andy was a grandpa! Wow!

I have a daughter who was born in Osage Beach, when we were in missions training with New Tribes Missions.

It was great to see pictures of Gene and Glenn from their Baja Pals days!

Phyllis said...

Hi Leilani I am Deannas mom Phyllis
I remember you a little and of course your Mom and Dad. They have always held a special place in our hearts. Bob and I attended Normandie for many, many years. You and I are about the same age. I turned 66 in May. So nice to see the picture of Gene and your Dad and Andy. I remember him a little bit. Wow Such memories.