Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We’re Eating... What?

Our usual conversation about this topic started off normally enough:

R: What's for dinner tonight?

But then something unexpected happened.

Me: Kuckey tacciatore

There was a moment of silence as we both contemplated what I had just said.

R: Huh? What was that?

Me: Aha ha ha ha

R: Would you like to try that again?

Me: Uh.... wait a minute.... let me get my mouth organized.... turkey cacciatore....

Yes indeed. Just another delectable dinner served up in my efficient well-organized country kitchen.

Actually, turkey cacciatore is very good. It's just a variation of your basic chicken cacciatore recipe; in fact, just about everything I make is a variation of the way the recipe is supposed to be made. For example: Is there a very good reason why vegetables that are going to boiled until tender in soup must be first fried in oil? Well, I never fry vegetables first; why add the extra calories?

At any rate, you chop up some onion and bell pepper and throw that in skillet that has a lid (I have a teeny tiny little crockpot that works particularly well for this) along with a can of diced tomatoes and their juice, or add some tomato sauce if it seems too thick.

If I was CD's Wife or Pioneer Woman, at this point I would have a nice picture of all the ingredients, and then show step-by-step the process. But I'm neither of them. And I would have to spend too much time cleaning up after myself after each step. I do nothing without spilling, dropping, or otherwise slopping it on the counter.

Add some Italian type spices (oregano, basil, whatever seems good). Cover and cook until the onions are tender, then add a can of mushrooms and the cooked turkey and warm it up. Then you dust on some Parmesan and serve it with whatever carb you happen to want. I'm a potatoholic, but pasta or rice are both good.

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Anonymous said...

Oh you lost me with the mushrooms!!

The Pioneer Woman added in there was funny!! I get that one!