Friday, October 17, 2008

If it blooms... they will come

The annual migration of the plants from outdoors to indoors ahead of the first frost was almost over. Two days ago, just two were left.

This bad boy was still sitting on the porch by the first back door because I had some trouble figuring out where to stick him. So I put Richard to work rearranging things so he could come indoors. The room with the best light is his old office, which has been converted into the pantry-study-exercise room-dormitory-kitty prison. It's rather crowded in there right now.

And this one was still on the deck by the second back door because I knew it was about to bloom. I didn't want bring it into the area where our son sleeps, which is where the plants have to go for winter hibernation, while it was blooming.

And it looks like I broke the promise on the previous post. For indeed here is a picture of poop. Bird poop.

Let's clean that up, shall we? There, all better now.

A few hours later, the blossom unfolded.

And its smell appeals to a certain type of insect.

And they began to arrive in droves. Attracted by the putrid smell emanting from the structures in the center of the bloom.

By yesterday afternoon, the flower had lost its allure and the flies had stopped coming, which was a good thing, because there was a frost warning last night and so it --and the fern -- needed to come inside. And I do believe that the baby bloom that is starting to form on the left there is going to be nipped in the bud.

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