Thursday, October 16, 2008

One more conversation

Me: Can you download the pictures for me.

Richard: You are driving me crazy with this camera. You take pictures of everything.

Me: No I don’t.

Richard: You’d take pictures of poop if you could.

Me: No, I would not!!!

Richard (in a high falsetto voice): Oh look! There’s some poop. I’m gonna take a picture of it.

Me: I would not!!!

And that's the truth. I might take pictures of animal skeletons, but I won't take pictures of poop. I promise.


Donna said...

I once DID take pictures of poop, and put them in my AOL blog. It was old, dried-up cow poop with toadstools growing out of it, but still.

Mrs. Rabe said...

That is so funny! We bloggers do tend to take alot of photos but hey we do have our limits - don't we?!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!! I like the falcetto voice!! I am still smiling!