Friday, October 09, 2009

I Am Sent to Corporate

I do freelance work for a Large Corporation that has numerous offices scattered about in the East. The Large Corporation was supposed to send me some documents, but did not.

Two days ago I sent an e-mail to my contact at the Large Corporation about the document. I also called one of the phone numbers for one of the office branches of the Large Corporation and arrived at the automated answering system that required me to listen to a menu with numerous choices and push a button to make my choice, which led to yet another menu in which I had to push a button, and on it went until finally I eventually got to speak to an actual person.

He was very nice, but his office did not handle that. He said he would talk to someone who might know and call me back.

I was very surprised to actually receive a phone call from him about 30 minutes later. He said:

I am going to send this request to Corporate.


I was stunned. I thought only people in "The Office" said that word. I pictured the Michael Scott character sitting at his desk saying that to me. I almost laughed.

Yesterday I called a number at another location of Large Corporation and requested help tracking down the document.

Today I have received an e-mail that shows my request is now bouncing around Corporate.

I wonder if they will actually fax the document. I need it by Thursday. The clock is ticking....


The Weaver of Grass said...

We have the problem here in UK of never actually getting to speak to a person - we are sent from press 1 to press 3 and finally "your call is important to us but you are in a queue - thirty persons in front of you."

Leilani Lee said...

I am amazed that they actually did send the form attached to an e-mail. Yea!