Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I Win a Contest!

I admire very much people who can take raw materials like paper and fabric and wood and paint and glue and create something beautiful from it. I do not happen to have this particular gene myself. Oh, I can wield a crochet hook and make a passable granny square or a crochet top to a hand towel for hanging on the stove, and I can click knitting needles together and make some cotton dish cloths, and I can do a bit of embroidery, but I am not often able to create really beautiful things out of stuff. Well, I should sort of take that back; actually, I did make something beautiful once upon a time.

The line between whether these things are "art" or "craft" seems to be rather murky. Our son and I visited with a woman behind the table at an art show recently and she explained that a painting on canvas is art, but a painting on a saw blade would be a craft.

Huh? What?

I am aware of an oil painting on wooden planks by a famous artist. I wonder if she would consider that to be "craft."

At any rate, the lovely artsy-craftsy woman at Four Dog Day had a contest not too long ago, and just for the heck of it (I almost didn't bother because I never, ever win contests), I guessed what I thought she was going to be making. I guessed right, and I actually won. And the prize was choosing something from her Web site. So I did, I chose a most useful item -- a set of bookmarks, and she sent them.

Aren't they lovely?

If I say nothing about this, probably no one who reads this blog will notice, but just to emphasize the point that things I try to make from raw materials often do not turn out very well is that when I positioned these lovely bookmarks for their photo, I put one of them upside down.

Richard was kind enough to point it out me when he downloaded the photos off the camera.



Oklahoma Granny said...

I remember when you won that contest because I thought at the time, "Hey, I know her!" What a lovely prize!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Ah, sometimes trees can look confusing! How lucky are you? The bookmarks are beautiful:)