Monday, December 15, 2008

And now, for their next tricks....

He was busy doing about three things in the kitchen at the same time. He decided to make coffee, and so he opened the refrigerator and stood there for a second or two until he remembered that the coffee pot stays in a large drawer in the counter.

There was a large jar of salsa that was about half empty. He decided to put the salsa in a smaller container to save space in the refrigerator. He took the lid off, and for some weird reason...

He shook it.

Salsa went flying everywhere. He had salsa in his beard,

on the note pad and pen that he keeps in his pocket, on his shoes, his clothes.

He said nothing at all when this happened because he knew she would come running in with the camera to capture him in all his salsa-splattered glory.

The next day, it was her turn....

On Friday morning she posted to her blog. She wrote a letter to her parents and opened a DTP program and started to make a version of the post to send along with the letter. Her parents do not have a computer. She was almost done...

And then she spilled coffee all over her computer keyboard. She tried to finish, but as she continued to type, this happened...

Sorry... I hsad more photographs but I am hsaving saome trouble I sapillewsad xzcoffewew

She saved everything and shut down the computer.

She disconnected keyboard and washed it with the sprayer attachment at the sink and carefully.... oh so carefully... undid the 14 screws holding the keyboard together and took it apart.

She carefully spread all the parts out so they would dry.

He gave her another keyboard to use. It was horrible and she asked for a replacement for the replacement. He gave her a replacement. She had some trouble typing on it too; there was something slightly wrong with the "aaaaaa" and "ssssss" and the "dddddd".

At the end of the day, when everything was dry, she began reassembling the keyboard.

She did not realize it, but she was putting it together wrong.

She was putting the caps back upside down.

She got it all back together. She managed not to lose any of the small plastic caps for the keys or any of the tiny screws. But the keys wouldn't move up and down. So she took it apart and turned the plastic caps over.

She put the back on. This time she discovered a screw was missing, but the keys went up and down like they were supposed to.

Saturday morning she hooked it up to her computer. The keyboard it did not work. She was disappointed and felt a little like crying, but did not.

She struggled half the day with the aaaaaa ssssss (and yes, she had to do a word check to make sure no "ass"es slipped through) and dddddd problem and then borrowed a keyboard from a backup computer in his office. This new and improved keyboard has three function keys at the top on the right. They are marked "Power... Sleep... and Wake up.." She accidently hit the Power key. Her computer instantly shut down right in the middle of what she was doing.

She felt like crying and saying swear words. She did not cry, but she did.... uh... well... never mind. She will repent and ask for forgiveness.

He said he would look at the keyboard and see if he can figure out what she did wrong when she put it back together.

She made a small cardboard cover for those three keys so she doesn't accidently hit any of them again.

And now, for their next tricks....


Ladybird World Mother said...

HOW FRUSTRATING!!! You must have the patience of a saint to NOT GET CROSS. Would have thrown keyboard in the river. If one was near.
Hope that you can use keyboard and all keys without a hitch very soon.
Loved the salsa shaking moment!

Miss Paula said...

Oh no!! This is terrible and funny! Maybe Santa will have a keyboard in his sleigh for you!

Tami said...


Far Side of Fifty said...

RATS! Mine works with a lot of crumbs in it all the time, I gave up coffee. Bad for my blood pressure!
You are too funny, and paint a picture in my mind so well. Did you ask him if he wanted chips with the salsa? :)