Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sunshine, on my shoulder....

In the Ray Badbury short story All Summer in Day, Margot, a little girl who arrives from Earth to live on Venus, where the sun shines once every 7 years, writes a poem about the sun she remembers from before.

I think the sun is a flower,
That blooms for just one hour.
This is a sad story. The sun does come out, but she doesn't get to see it.

I know I will not have to wait 7 years to see the sun again, but nevertheless, we have not seen the sun since Monday.

Today it was supposed to be sunny and 50 degrees and we planned a trip to Town.

It is not 50 and sunny. The sky continues to be a solid sheet of gray and light freezing rain is in the forecast. I wouldn't mind seeing the sun for an hour.... or two.... or three...

And looking at this picture taken not all that long ago, when our world was still green, reminds me that we need a new lawnmower.


Tami said...

or a goat.

Miss Paula said...

WE did not have sun at all yesterday and it depresses me!!

Today SUN!!!

I have posted the recipe for you on my blog!!! They are easy and quick Robert says!

Leilani Lee said...

Actually yes, Tami. A goat is exactly what we need. Our place is over-grown with Japanese honeysuckle, poison ivy, and multiflora rose. A friend who had a similar situation got brush goats and they cleared her place. It was beautiful

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yup! You definately need a goat! No sun here either, but lots of Winter wonderland falling out of the sky:)