Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Here come de judge...

I was assured on good authority a few weeks ago at the church fellowship meal that between November 27 and January 2,


I was so happy to hear this news. We have been absorbed with calorie counts and grams and ounces for more than 2 years. It's so nice to have a holiday.

Except we had to come back home and face the judge and the jury.

Yep... "Here come de judge, here come de judge..."

Somebody forgot to tell her. She never takes a holiday


Donna said...

Cliff and I still haven't taken off the 15 pounds we gained LAST year.

Miss Paula said...

Now, if you would of taken a picture of her in a dumpster, that would have been awesome!!!

There better not be because Robert has been making these chocolate covered peanut butter balls that are 10 times better than Reeses.

Elizabeth said...

Go for lots of lovely walks!
Do not weight yourself - it will drive you crazy.
Love from New York.