Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just because I want it... a guilty pleasure

The ripples from economic downturn are finally touching our small town, and by the close of business tonight, 3 more downtown merchants will be out of business.

Among them are clothing store that has been a fixture in downtown for years and years and years and the upscale gift store. I see the advertisement:

50%-60% off

A small tingle races up my spine. I am not interested in most of the lovely, very expensive, gee-gaw items she has for sale, but I am interested in her frog stuff.

Although once upon a time I did make an impulsive purchase at her store as a reward for a particularly grueling week

and I bought this one because it made me smile... I have a very, very hard time spending money on things that have no function except to take up space. Things I want just because... I want it, unless the item is, say, maybe $5 or less, and even then I have to think about it.

I have seen what can happen when people want... and buy...

and want....

and buy....

and want....

I probably have gone too far in the other direction. When it comes to spending money on myself, I hold it tightly grasped in my fist, and I am reluctant to let it go even for something that might be considered a necessity. On more than one occasion I have carried some perfectly reasonable thing around the store for quite a while before finally talking myself out of buying it and putting it back. Richard will watch my face and he can tell when I am going to change my mind. He shakes his head and laughs.

I am not immune to wanting things, of course, and occasionally I do yield.

Several years ago I found this frog lamp in a salvage store (the shade is painted glass and easily scratched)...

and I knew she had a companion lamp to go with it. I would never buy the lamp at full price, but I would at 50% off.

So, I took my stash of birthday money that has built up over several years and went to the gift store.

I found the lamp and a ceramic bird feeder with frogs on it.

And while I was waiting for her make out the sales ticket, I saw this fellow...

And without thinking about it, I walked over, picked him up, and sat him down on the counter before I could change my mind.

I am so glad I did. He doesn't have any useful purpose: unlike the lamp, he doesn't light my desk in the early morning hours while Richard is still snoozing (a bookcase separates my office from the bedroom), and he can't hold sunflower seeds for the birds.

But he does give me pleasure every time I look at him.

And he was worth it.


Tami said...

If he makes you smile. Then he was so totally worth it! Every once in a while I find something that just makes me smile. About two years ago I bought a Bluebird of Happiness, and when the sun comes in the makes me smile. Happy New Year!

Miss Paula said...

Sometimes I put things in the cart and walk around with them a while and then eventually put them back. But it looked like I was buying!! So I got that excitement before my mind got the better of me!!!